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Hi everyone,

University College London are currently doing a research project looking at engagement and motivation in citizen science and we need your help.

Our study involves a 45-60 minute interview conducted remotely over Skype, in which we are offering a £15 Amazon voucher in return for your participation. The interviews will be very casual and hopefully just good conversation!

We're interested in why you take part in Foldit. What factors of the project engage you? What motivates you to continue taking part? And how does it fit into your day-to-day life? Equally we're interested in your criticisms too - what could be done better? What isn't being done?

Interviews will be running all week. Please send me a message if you want to take part or have any questions.

Best wishes,

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I'd love to take part, I have

I'd love to take part, I have Skype.

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sounds interesting

I’m very proud of this interview opportunity. It is a very good idea. Speaking of ideas, I have a really good idea for foldit. I would love to be interviewed. I have Skype: Trent Galvis it my username.

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Thanks so much to everyone

Thanks so much to everyone who's volunteered to have a chat with me so far. It's been really nice talking to you all and hearing what you have to say. Interviews will now be running until next Wednesday so please get in contact if you can spare some time before then. I'd be interested to talk to more casual users as well.

Hope to hear from more of you soon,


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