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Nice to know that finally we might be able to warned in some manner when the scripts stop, however in my case since I usually do not engage my speakers except for movies and t.v. episodes, it would be much nicer for me and I would bet many others if the taskbar icon would flash at us when either the script stops or if some error occurs that deserves our attention.
I would much prefer not to be disturbing people with my computer's noises if it could be arranged, please.

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While I'm not color blind myself, I am blind in one eye, so I can understand the need for color choices that might be friendly to the greater majority of color-blind people. I don't know what those might be, but I would expect that it can be easily looked up somewhere on the net.
Thanks Beta

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Hanto, I'm somewhat confused by your comment. Did you mean to post that in a different feedback thread?

This request was to make Foldit blink in the taskbar. That is color independent for Foldit, it's something the OS controls, and if you are in a high contrast theme on your OS it should update accordingly.

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If color independent for Foldit, don't worry about it. Just didn't realize. Blinking is good enough for me at least. Thanks

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