network disruption can permanently disconnect client

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Whenever there is a network disruption, also causing chat disconnects for which feedback 985890 exists, the in-game display of scores and most importantly the *uploading of scores to the server* is interrupted. One may have a best scoring client without connection to the server. If the game ends in that state, that best scoring client's score is not recognized. Also, all intermediary model states are not sent to the server in that case, harming the science part.

So, not only should a client detect it is not connected anymore, it should actively try to repair that connection, you could make that chat reconnect from feedback 985890 optional then.

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If it could help:
When I've a permanent disconnection, if I open a new client, the computer reconnects for this client.
After some time (several minutes), several (not all) other clients do reconnect too.

It's like if a new foldit session also reconnects many existing clients but not all of them (may be the oldest ones doesn't reconnect, I'm not sure).


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