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Hi everyone.
I am a PhD student at the Open University in the UK. I am investigating online 'citizen science' projects such as Foldit, and am eager to learn what motivates people to take part, and to learn about your other interests and experiences. I have put together an online survey which should take between 10 and 20 minutes, and will hopefully be quite interesting to fill in. All the info you provide will be treated confidentally, and not passed on to any third parties. This is such an amazing project- and it would be great to learn more about the people who have contributed to its success. If you'd like to take part and are aged over 16, please follow this link.


Many thanks,
Vickie Curtis

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Way too many personal questions.

Starting out by asking my username immediately put me on the defensive. Why would you need to know our usernames or our team names? Why so many personal questions?

Sorry, but I'm going to pass on this one. Surveys are supposed to be a tad more general and informal.

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Foldit Research

Hi Boots,

The purpose of my research is to understand what motivates Foldit players and how they feel about the project. I asked for usernames just so that I could verify that the respondent is actually a Foldit player - no other reason. I asked about team membership as teams seem to be of great importance in Foldit - particularly in the way players interact with one another. Foldit teams have also been co-authors on scientific papers which is of great interest.

I am keen to get as wide a range of respondents as possible.



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The Survay

I did notice that question 24 asks for your age, but gives no options under 16. It won't let you send in the survay without bubbling something. Some Foldit players are younger than that. I'm only 14. There is one girl that's seven.

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Age for Survey


While I would love to hear from anybody playing Foldit, the Open University Ethics Committee (which is where I'm a PhD student)has stated that I can only carry out my research if I ask that only those who are over 16 respond to the questionnaire. I think that they feel that there are issues with asking 'children' to fill in online surveys (even though my survey doesn't ask for any personal info, or ask anything controversial), and so give us a 'cut-off' point where they feel it is more acceptable to ask for responses.

It is a bit disppointing however - I know that there are many enthusiastic and talented Foldit players out there that are under 16 and that they have valid insights and opinions too.

Thanks for your interest in the survey.


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Sorry Silver - I meant no disrespect......
Will not lose sight of individual contributions to Foldit in my research.



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