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Why not allow to load refinement normal start and the others start into 573b as some players have reached
interesting scores if the objective is to reach best CASP scores.
Although they are expired,they can still be accessed and improved but not loaded,even as guides.

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Here is my best try at refinement normal start.

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As mentioned in the puzzle comments for 573b:
"We will repost this puzzle using the unmodifided starting model, letting you load in your solutions from this puzzle."

To answer your other question, the objective of these refinement puzzles is NOT to reach the best CASP scores, but to fix the regions that the CASP organizers have told us are incorrect.
If we just take the Refinement model they have given us and only try to get the highest score (without changing the incorrect regions) then Foldit will do very badly in the Refinement Category at CASP10.


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