Puzzle 573 Saves and Points

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Opened on:Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 02:41
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The puzzle was up for a very short time (hours), and this was posted in the comments:

"This puzzle was closed and reposted as puzzle 573b (identical starting model but with the alignment tool, so you can use the Cut Tool) based on this suggestion: http://fold.it/portal/node/992917#comment-18188 You can manually save any solutions from this puzzle and load them in 573b."

However - many folders have been unable to access their saves on 573.

Also - points have been assigned based on 100 points. I suspect that you didn't really want to do that (and is that possibly why some people can't access their saves?).

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I was unable to load my saved game into 573b. After it killed the client each of the three times I tried to load it, I gave up and started over.

I don't know if having been assigned points would have caused the problem though, since there were not that many players and they would've all received some points. So no one should've been able to save/reload. Just a guess on my part.

Perhaps yet another prize for running simultaneous clients?

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Can you include the end of your log from when your game crashes?

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Well, in order to do that, I'd have to stop 6 running clients (most of them all using the default track)--some of which are in the middle of nice point accumulations. Any data in the log file will have been long ago obliterated by the other clients, based on what other players are telling me.

The only thing I can try is to stop all of the clients, try the restore, see if it crashes again, and send the end of that log file. If I can get to a place where several puzzles expire at the same time I could try that. Since my 573b puzzle already exists (and I don't want to mess it up), would trying to load a solution in a different track cause any problems?

Another angle to consider is whether or not loading a saved game is in any way tied to use of IRC, which causes many other problems when running multiple clients: creating/saving/downloading recipes and refreshing the cookbook, using chat reliably, running multiple clients on multiple computers, operating behind firewalls that block IRC, etc.

Did this puzzle have multiple alignments positions? Does the save/load solution account for that if you started the save with a non-default alignment? Just W.A.G.s here.

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We are unable to reproduce this problem on our own machines (thus why I asked for any log file you might have).

Loading a solution should not be using IRC, or any other features. The only things necessary (to my knowledge) for a save to load is 1) that you are allowed to load that solution (you're on the correct account, and you are in a puzzle which can load a solution from the solution's puzzle), and 2) that the proteins have identical sequence. None of these conditions are violated by any of the puzzle setup, so we dont really have any leads at the moment.

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For me, on main, loading a previously saved 573 solution did work well. But trying to re-save it "immediately" in 573b without make a small improvement first did crash the client repeatedly.


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