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The main forum and the groups forums really need an overhaul. When foldit was younger they functioned fine in the format they have, I imagine, but are woefully outdated at this point. Stickies can't be placed in some (all?) group forums, and the Stickies on the main forum now take up the whole space on "top of the fold". And currently no way to search...

An updated system for the main forum could have sections (such as News - How To - Current Issues - CASP - Everything Else) that would make information much easier to find.

For groups, it would be very valuable to have a more functional setup, especially during CASP. Our current group forum system does not have stickies and does not place posts with new comments at the top, so it's too easy for critical info to get lost. In addition, even as an admin in a group, there is no way to edit a post (yes, there is an edit screen, but the drop down does not list the group).

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I agree compleatly. I want the group admin to be able to lock a topic as well as sticky. Both would be amazing!

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Void Crushers use free forums - which are free and ad free - proper forum with multiple boards and so on, plus the ability to attach documents, presence and a text chat area.

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assigning kxu, I would think he would know how much work this might entail. I don't know how much work it is to add functionality to the forum. Are drupal modules we can install easily that can do these things?

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Bumpy bump!

Sorry for the duplicate:

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I created another duplicate feedback I just closed.

Please address this issue. Group admins should be able to moderate their own group forums. This includes all functionality. Editing, deleting, locking, etc.

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I would really like to be able to edit a post (currently "group", "Group forum", and "Group Forums" exist when editing, not the original choice, which is the name of group, ex. "Beta Folders"). When can we have this fixed, along with admins being able to lock, delete, edit, float, etc.?

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Bump as forums are being fixed, though this is most likely unrelated (long existing issue).

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thanks for bumping this back up, as the Forum really needs a makeover!

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Bump, as this is getting quite annoying, mainly speaking of the fact I can't edit my own topic in my group forum.

Also, could I get an explanation of why there are "group", "Group forum", and "Group Forums" choices when editing, not the original choice, which is the name of group, ex. "Beta Folders"? There are also many other choices there as well, many of which I have no clue what they are and have no apparent use. Perhaps they're an un-completed feature, removed, or dev only?

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Re-bumping this one. And making it a "bug" type because it is really bugging me :)

Can we have this in 2014? Pretty please !

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"Me too" regarding the inability to edit posts to the group forum. Between the inability to edit and the spam filter, the group forum is just about useless.

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Good news is that the spam filter has been fixed, and HTML posts seem better tolerated.

Still lacking the ability to edit group posts. As the attached image shows, when I attempt to edit a post in Beta Folders, the group name is not prefilled in the Forums dropdown. The dropdown choices include a number of mystery forum.

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Just checked it out and it seems that the topics can now be correctly edited! Thanks to whoever fixed that. Still some improvements that can be done though.

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We got fed up with waiting for a forum system in Gargleblasters. We now have our own free (and ad free) forum off site. It has proved to be everything we had hoped for.


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