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The number of closed contests far outnumber open ones, making it difficult to find the open ones. It would be nice to either: 1) Create a checkbox (or sortable field) filter for Open/Closed contests; 2) Show only open contests and put a very visible link at the top to "Closed Contests" (on a separate page).

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Yep. I will second that.

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It would also be nice if the dev's gave contests more exposure, to give newbies a chance to hone their skills without the time constraints of the competition puzzles.

(Better filed under Game: Display?)

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Changed, try it:

There are 2 links at top now, ALL-COntests link will show all contests
include closed ones, next is filter-out-closed-contests link show non-closed

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Thank you, that is much better.

It is odd, however, that one contest '(Closed) PEP Private Contest III', which shows as the second one on the filtered page, says closed but the close date is 5/31/2012. So either the '(Closed)' indication is wrong or the end date is. I'll try joining and see what happens.

The nice thing is that the filtered view allows me to easily see which contests I'd like to enter.

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I didn't notice that it was private. But I guess that should make no difference to the "Closed" or not issue.

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I think the (CLOSED) is what matters, and the lower-case is maybe someone adding that to their contest name?

Example: "(CLOSED) (Closed) PEP Private Contest II" closed last month.

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You're posting on 5/30 about a puzzle that closes on 5/31. Timezones are missing just about everywhere so who knows when the website codes thinks the puzzle really closes.

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Great! Perhaps you could have it defalt to start date decending instead of name?


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