Level the Playing Field with the Cut Tool

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Opened by:SimplySue
Opened on:Thursday, May 24, 2012 - 14:32
Last modified:Friday, May 25, 2012 - 11:18

Suggestion: Load a news item about the cut tool, it's availability in the devprev option, how to quickly check to see which option you are running (right click on a Protein, if there is no cut option, you are running Main) and again how to switch options.

The last News item appearing when a client, is opened was a good start, by providing users with information on how to switch between the Main and the Devprev game loads. However, I have never seen a News item about the cut tool available in the devprev load.

I realize that players who are in a group and/or participate frequently in group or global chat probably have heard about it, but that leaves many players out of the loop. The latest puzzle, with it's predicted 7 helices is almost impossible to hand fold without the cut tool, so this would be a great time to give everyone the option to try it out.

Thanks for considering this!

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I use the alignment tool as a cut tool, just do a partial alignment. And it was mentioned in a news item.

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assigning... hopefully we'll soon have the cut tool in main for everyone to use!

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Any serious folder should be visiting the web site at least once a day to look at front page news items, Feedbacks, the blog, the Forum and the puzzle comments.

If they wish to stay in the dark, it's at their own risk, and lack of involvement.

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I have not used the cut tool, even though it's been available, except on the utterly bizarre 3s4kA template which has a > 7 A segment *in the template* (559) What's up with that?!

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That loop is missing one or more residues.


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