Whatever you've done to Wiggle...

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Whether it's something that you've done to wiggle in the last Main update, or the way you are preparing the casp puzzles, something has gone horribly right!

For the first time since last September, hand building is scoring very well. More than 2-3 scripts can be run before a solution turns to cement. Folding is... a whole lot of fun again for some of us who really enjoy hand working the protein.

I hope that you keep doing whatever it is that you've done!

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I read the title to your feedback and was very worried for a second (that wiggle got worse!), but now we're all very happy!

(Quick question: is this in devprev or main or both?)

Thank you for the feedback! We appreciate all feedback... but do especially enjoy any positive feedback!

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It's working so well in Main that I have not switched to the devprev - having too much fun...

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Our of curiosity, which version in particular seemed to fix this problem? We're not totally sure what may have changed this, but it would be great to be able to pin it down and make some tests to ensure it doesn't happen in the future.

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IMHO - it was the last one you did. And although I'm on a Mac, other OS people have said the same thing.

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So that would be the last update to main which was on May 6th?


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There was so little time between the last 2 main updates... I really can't say for sure which it was. I can say that I have noticed it on 557 - 558 - 559. Puzzle 552 (also T0644 as 557 was) did not seem anywhere near as loose, so I would tend to think, because of the timing, that it would be the latest update on May 6 - or that it has something to do with how you are prepping the alignment puzzles with the new cutpoint tool.

I hope that someone else can jump in here with their observations to help you nail this down!

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I agree with Dee's last comment, the very latest update - hopefully you can capture and safely store the parameters so that we don't get a sudden reversion which can't be fixed.
CASP Roll was truly horrible - I got stuck on rank 90 on a couple of puzzles - when I eventually compared them to colleagues high scores the pose was almost identical and was not imo 80 ranks difference. I was getting to be too scared to rebuild on other puzzles in case I locked up again. It seemed as though if you got a bad lock early nothing would get rid of it and it would just stall with no indication of a bad scoring segment. So yes it is fun playing again :)

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I have to tentatively agree with previous comments. Hopefully, this has been fixed by the last update and is not something that is more puzzle specific, although there is no indication that this is the case yet.

I still don't feel it is quite what it used to be but is certainly a big step in the right direction.


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