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I decided to make summary for tis one.
Looks like random puzzles are suffering from this nasty bug.
I hope dev team will search and destroy it very soon.
Small ones like 555 are unplayable because of it - banding scripts are NOT WORKING AT ALL.
Bug posted in feedbacks:

Setting them all as duplicate to this thread.

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I know we often say this: "we'll look into it"
but yesterday jflat, Seth Cooper and I sat down together for 1 hour trying to pinpoint this bug (specifically using 555 as an obvious example).

We know this is a nasty bug and hopefully we'll have it fixed by the end of this week!

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beta you are the Best :)

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I have noticed in 555 that local wiggle is gaining a lot more points than in other puzzles. My hypothesis is that ordinary wiggle is not gaining the points it should because of the wiggle lock bug, but that local wiggle doesn't suffer from this bug. If you local wiggle say 3 segments at a time, local wiggle will especially gain points around segment 17. But also just local wiggling the whole protein at one point gained me about 50 points though my solution otherwise was quite optimized (going in score from about 9650 to about 9700).

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I've noticed that small puzzles, particularly and especially the 2 and 3 segment design puzzles, move 10x faster with a local wiggle than with a regular wiggle. Regular wiggle: like watching grass grow.

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I have a case of total lock in the new devprev version 2012-05-17-48987M-win_x86-devprev, not sure if anyone else has noticed that. I can mail seth with a file if he can tell me how a name relates to a filename.

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On what puzzle and what residues?

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558 all residues in a particular configuration. But after reloading it and hand-moving it wiggle works again. Wiggle does nothing when just loaded. I remember when saving it that it really was stuck.
You may ignore my post.

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That sounded worse than Wiggle Lock, more like: Wiggle on Strike!

Glad reloading it fixed the issue!

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A total wiggle strike I have experienced also. See: http://fold.it/portal/node/992533

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@timo: that is a very interesting and similar issue !

@beta: reloading itself did not fix the issue. The model has a lot of light red areas which in my perception should start a wiggle somewhere but it does not. Loading it and wiggling does nothing. Only after I start tweeking the model manually (moving it apart) wiggle starts to work again. I have found the model and can send it via mail if needed.

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I have seen this MANY times and it is very frustrating. Wiggle just won't do anything at all, and I'm not talking about some near optimal configuration, I'm talking about < 10k, < 8k, sometimes < 0 configuration. Wiggle does nothing, even if I change clash importance, sometimes to 0! I have to do a manual pull to get it to move again (which of course lowers the score a lot).


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