List date created, date modified, and size for recipes in Foldit cookbook.

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To make it easier to keep track of recipe versions within Foldit,
you should make a list or have a button that when clicked shows the
date created, date modified, and size in bytes
for each recipe in the Foldit GUI's cookbook.
The web site seems to keep track of this information for shared recipes
(see, for example),
but I think the GUI should too.
This will also help users know if the version of a shared recipe
that is at present stored on their local machine
matches the latest version available on the web site.

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It is up to YOU to load new version or not :)
Sometimes new version is shared on top of old one, sometimes it is shared as child of old one.
There is alot of "private" updates for scripts so it is almost impossible to inform all users about changes.
Just look on page from time to time, newest scripts are always on top.


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