Make source code for shared recipes available on web site.

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When learning a new computer language,
it helps me a lot to have examples to imitate.
I like that I can view the source code for other people's Foldit recipes,
but it would be nice if there were a button or link on a web page like:
that would lead me to the source code for a recipe.
Then I wouldn't have to sacrifice one of my Foldit clients
that is busy running some other recipe, and this would help me code
new recipes while old recipes are running.

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jeff you are discussing two things here but mostly your convenience appears to be a high priority - perhaps you should spend some time understanding how recipes are shared, updated and maintained and put forward a more coherent plan for these requests rather than spamming feedback.

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All this feedback is requesting is one button.

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Download it and see yourself.
There is up to recipe creator to post proper description what and how recipe is doing.


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