Why not post the slightly oversized CASP10 targets as contests?

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Evening all

CASP10 is having a slow start this time around (I'm not complaining!)

Given that we have only seen 2 out of the first 10 possible targets, but there are 4 other targets that are sized 205, 195, 182 and 210 segs. Would it be a huge amount of work, to release them as contests? That way we could satisfy our curiosity, it would be entirely voluntary and wouldnt affect global ranks.

Sounds like a win win to me :)


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Or some low (10pts) scoring ones?

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Yes, I would like to see these and try them just for fun, at least.

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It's win-win except for beta_helix that has to post them ;-)

Setting up these puzzles with the alignment tool is a bit time consuming, but I would be happy to post one of the server models for each of these as either a Contest or in Gallery Mode.

A contest might be better since it wouldn't confuse new players and you can still compete on the Contest Leaderboard.

Does that sound good?
Let me know if you'd prefer a RosettaServer model (which will score well but be hard to get out of any local minima) or a Quark/Zhang model. Alternatively, I could just post these as a freestyle puzzle starting from an extended chain.

BTW today's target might not be a very fun one since it's a Membrane Protein!

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I have an overwhelming urge to reinstall GTA: San Andreas...this will severely cut into folding time though.

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sorry I should have made a comment to the video :)

I don't think it is nuts to post them. I can handle big puzzles. The video just popped into my mind when I've read 'membrane protein'

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Would it be possible to put back in the Contest list the following very big protein please:

CASP9 Target 611 residue protein.

It is still in use in my Test your PC power contest but we are near to the deadline and I'd like to open a new one again (since the Foldit algorithm changed since then).

Different test results for the past are present here:
Test your PC power


(note: It's also used in The Marathon of Foldit - New Chapter)

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Where can I see these puzzles in my list ?

I went to the puzzle above and I cliked on
"Need this puzzle? Download it to your Foldit here"
then I got a message saying
"Puzzle Added to you game ! Check your puzzle list !"

but I didn't find this puzzle in "expired puzzles" looking for 611 or CASP or whatever ?

Is there a way to find it in my list ?

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I looked for it too for the same reason, to run your recipe. (This was a couple months ago)
I dug around in the Foldit files, and it DOES add the file to your computer, but it isn't accessible at all as I tried everything you did.

I can't remember if it originally downloaded the actual PUZZLE, though. However, opening the primary puzzle file that controls much of that stuff, it contained the download link to the Puzzle's Archive. So I manually downloaded it, and it's still up on the server. Even after extracting everything and giving the files the correct name, it STILL wouldn't show up in my Puzzle list (with Show Expired Puzzles checked).


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