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it is often hard to remember what series of recipes were used while working with proteins. It would be helpful if a log of recipes, hand operations and points could be kept and reviewed at a later time. When other team members ask what recipes worked best, we cold review the list and provide this helpful information.

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Information could be kept with the specific track you're working with in a header file. This information could be displayed by opening the track selector display. Clicking on "Default" track after the puzzle has been played, for example, might display the information about the recipes that were used so far in a new text field within the track selector/display. Like so:

Score, Recipe

8050 Rainbow Rebuild 2.0
9325 C5 DRW
9812 AT 1.3

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This is a great idea as it would also help you in cases where the Foldit Team asks you what you did on a certain puzzle.

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Suggest the recipe logger record Time Executed, Current Score at End, Best Score During Execution (or maybe Recent Best), since scripts may terminate far below their best score.

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Excellent idea. Ideally, there'd be a client session log that tracks everything done while the client is open (except chat, recipe downloads, etc.). That way you'd get the manual tweaks as well. Many different reporting options could be given and generated on the fly. The hard part would be identifying and incorporating the various undo features.

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Yes, this would be very helpful!

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Something similar:
Ago, in the recipe section was shown, how often a recipe was used and it's score impact.
What happened to this feature?

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Matlab has features a bit like these.
Please see the post below for details.

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Let users be aware of the cost of matlab - this is the academic pricing

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Let users be aware of the cost of matlab - this is the academic pricing

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Also, prefferably, iterations run. I deffinately want this to happen, especially as I forget which scripts I have run, and I wonder what to do next.

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The problem is that more and more with V2, the settings of each recipe can be more important than the recipe.
For example, tvdl enhanced DRW uses Fuze several times. Moreover, different options give different results at different states of the puzzle.

But the suggestion is good: usefull to know the full history of receipes foe the latest best (kept) solution.


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