Puzzle 549 expired?

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Opened on:Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 05:31
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Hi, it appears both in the web page and my client that puzzle 549 expires may 4th, however it has been closed. What did I miss?. Best. Ignacio

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We had to repost puzzle 549 (including the <15 and <150 versions) due to the pi helix update that made it nearly impossible to overcome scores that were set under the old client.

We wanted to just close the previous puzzle completely (with 0 global points) and repost it, allowing you to load any previous solutions in the new puzzle (that would be worth 100 global points) but it would not be fair to any players that aren't playing Foldit for the next couple days (such as anyone out of town, or <15 players that don't know how to load in previous solutions) as they would end up with 0 points.

At least this way, everyone has a shot at at least 50 global points on this one.

We know this was not the best transition with the pi-helix fix (and we had tried to plan it earlier when there were no helix design puzzles, but it took longer to post than we wanted it to) but hopefully it'll all be over once Puzzle 551 closes (the last of the pre-score fix puzzles) and we sort out the Intro Puzzle issues. Many of the evolver issues will go away at that point as well.

We apologize again for this and thank you for your patience... at least everyone is on equal playing fields for all the CASP 10 puzzles.


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