Bug in evolving 549

Case number:699969-992551
Opened by:lamoille
Opened on:Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 21:41
Last modified:Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 23:14

Top evolver sore is 9211.378. Minimum score to evolve this puzzle is 9227. Seems to be a repeat of earlier bug.


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If one of your teammates had a top solo score of 9225, but, for example, rotated one sidechain to lower their score to 9211 before they uploaded their solution, you would still need 9227 to evolve it. That defeats the practice of "low-balling", which could be used to get an entire team's membership on the evolver scoreboard without any of them actually doing any real evolving.

In effect, to evolve a teammmate's solution, you must achieve two points higher than their highest solo score at the moment they uploaded their solution to the group, regardless of what their solo score was when they uploaded their solution.

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I suspect this could be the result of switching all of us to the new client - many/most scores are showing in new client as lower, but the evo necessary for some reason is showing needing the two points to pass the score from old client. Or it still could be the bug that showed up for some a few days ago, noticed by many teams.

Good for reporting this, lamoille - I think that Boots hasn't yet had a chance to experience the score drops in the new client, or the bugs from a few days ago, and responded with what many of us (including yourself) would explain to someone unfamiliar with evo scoring in a "normal" situation.

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Comments above notwithstanding - the bug appears to be alive and well on puzzle 551. All evolver solutions are a total mess.


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