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As we talked about in chat today, we'd like to try Skyping in 1 or 2 players for our team meeting. The goal will be to have these players present some consolidated questions/comments from the Foldit community, give some updates on what we are working on, and then the players can communicate the discussion at the meeting back to the community.

We'll be starting next week, 5/4, at 2PM PDT (21:00 GMT). Players who would be available at that time and have access to Skype, please respond in this thread.

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I would be happy to join you

...if you have the space for me.

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Not very good in speak english

but we can always type when I can`t be understood :D
I be glad to have posibility of eardrop and maybe add my 5cents somewhere.

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Players Joining Weekly Dev Chat

I may be a contrarian here - but - I think at least in the first several dev chats we should be represented by the global mods. They can draw straws or whatever to pick who attends. The global mods have a better handle on the issues currently facing Foldit and will be better able to disseminate the information to the Foldit community as a whole. We are at an important point in Foldit as an ongoing game and I want the best information from the devs possible. Just sayin.


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thanks for your input, lamoille

auntdeen will be the global mod representing you next week!

Rav3n_pl, you can join our Foldit meeting 2 weeks later.

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Just need set some kind of reminder.... :P

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Thanks for the replies. For

Thanks for the replies. For this first meeting, let's start with Coyotee and auntdeen. I'll follow up with further information.

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Thanks for inviting us to attend...

I'll look forward to the details!

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I have Skype and can usually be available

Would be interested in participating sometime

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I have Skype, and I should be

I have Skype, and I should be available. So if you want another, I would be happy to attend.

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dissemination of information

what is the plan for letting all of the players know:

what was raised on their behalf - preferably before the meeting
what options were considered
how they can provide input
what information was provided by the developers for dissemination to all players
next steps

How is the list of player generated topics being managed and added to over time.

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Apologies - late (because of real life)

But I've posted in the forum a synopsis of the meeting that I attended, with some questions raised for the community to comment.



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