Alignment tool crash on 548

Case number:845829-992482
Opened by:brow42
Opened on:Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 13:17
Last modified:Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 22:22

Seems pretty repeatable. Basically, load 3 templates, switch to the bottom one with threading off, get rid of the top two, hit reset template. If it doesn't crash, it's because I left threading on, or I have no checkbox checked.

Load Puzzle
Thread top template (usually SFGL...)
Bring up other 2 solutions (usually the long one then AP...)
Stop Threading
Checkbox the bottom one (AP...)
Send the top 2 down (SFGL first, then the long one)
Click Reset Alignment (note, no actual changes have been made)

SRVR_THRD finished solution data upload. took 0.24813 seconds.
SRVR_THRD sending: 269484 992472 group_score
SRVR_THRD sending: 269484 992472 score
SRVR_THRD getting notifications...
SRVR_THRD sending play event log...

1: library_main +2877682 bytes (no line)
2: library_main +2894303 bytes (no line)
3: library_main +3010460 bytes (no line)
4: library_main +3015622 bytes (no line)
5: library_main +2952716 bytes (no line)
6: library_main +2155277 bytes (no line)
7: library_main +3595678 bytes (no line)
8: library_main +2154469 bytes (no line)
9: library_main +3598969 bytes (no line)
10: library_main +3601228 bytes (no line)
11: gapfnScSendMessage +818 bytes (no line)
12: GetThreadDesktop +215 bytes (no line)
13: GetClientRect +197 bytes (no line)
14: CallWindowProcW +27 bytes (no line)
15: wglSwapBuffers +730 bytes (no line)
16: gapfnScSendMessage +818 bytes (no line)
17: GetThreadDesktop +215 bytes (no line)
18: CharPrevW +312 bytes (no line)
19: DispatchMessageA +15 bytes (no line)
20: library_main +3602005 bytes (no line)
21: library_main +2151395 bytes (no line)
22: library_main +15163 bytes (no line)
23: library_main +32 bytes (no line)
24: no symbol (no line)
25: no symbol (no line)
26: no symbol (no line)
27: BaseThreadInitThunk +18 bytes (no line)
28: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +99 bytes (no line)
29: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +54 bytes (no line)

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Thanks for finding a repeatable way to cause the crash!

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Old puzzle, tool fixed. Closing.

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Bug alive and well in 642 CASP Roll R0022. Same procedure, using 1-shot thread instead of toggle works just as well.

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Bumping for big bug-fix list. Still works on 667.

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Bump for GUI bug fest. Still works on current alignment puzzle.

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Thanks, we'll look into this.


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