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Hi everyone! :)

I know this is a long way from critical, but adding Time-Stamps to Chat (maybe as an option in the View menu?) would be a huge bonus! As would being able to "horizontally" re-size the chat window the same way you can re-size your Recipe area.

When someone talks to you, or asks a question, it would be nice to know when it was typed.

Cheers! :)


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Hi Psych0Active,

If you use an external chat client like chatzilla (downloadable via firefox), you have all these functions and more. Setting it up is not that hard and it can run in any browser. That gives you the flexibility to have chat away from your crunching client. On the road for example.

That will save the developers time and resources to focus on the game function improvements.

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Someone could make a bot or modify one already existing in global chat to tell the time every 15 min. That would meet my needs :)

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I like bertro's idea. Perhaps a bot that posts the time every hour or every 100 posts would be helpful. It could give the time in official Foldit time (whatever Foldit lists for puzzle expiration times or official developer chats). It could even say how many users are in chat at the time too.

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Hi jeff!

You can see how many people are in the chat when you move your mouse on the litte blue "i" next to "auto chat"

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My wishlist...Timestamps for chat and a pause button for scripts so I can use the computer without closing down a puzzle.


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