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What do you do to get an allhands rank?

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All Hands puzzles have not existed for a few years now, so there is no way to get an all hands rank.

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Ok. That stinks. Is there any possibility it will come back?

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Actually, you can get it! There are some puzzles that do count.

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Re-opeing. Allhands are closed, but I have gotten an allhands rank. You enter by creating a contest for that allhands. How does this work then?

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Can we please remove All Hands from the game and scoreboards?

This was already brought up 3 months ago:

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I kind of like all hands, and there is still the achievements. They would then turn into a "if you were here a while ago and did great on these puzzles we used to have". I think if you did, remove the allhands and dual achievements not reached on all profiles. And I still don't get the contest/allhands connection. Are there still allhands puzzles or not? I joined after they stopped being "publisised", and I got part of the achievement for a few so they are still doing something. I say either make it truly accessible and noticeable (Making sure it makes sense)or get rid of them. If you "re-vitalize" them, make sure you have a scoreboard for each of them. And by the way, do contests have any inpact on science, or are they just ignored. Perhaps that is why the outcome is fed to allhands. I still like the idea of a puzzle that is just a gallery, personally.

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Freestyle and hiv prostate puzzles say they were started yesterday. That means they must have been updated? They also say they give global points, but there is no expiration.

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closing again - all hands is not working and will not be reinstated - see beta's comments above


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