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It would be nice if you could take a segment of the protein and manually rebuild it, kind of like how you change your route in google maps' trip planner. Click 1 part and drag it over, without the whole thing moving. What do you think?

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You can accomplish this by freezing any segments that you wish to stay in place, then dragging or rebuilding the segments you would like to where you'd like them to be.

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Ok! Got it.

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My, this is an old one. Auntdeen, I have tried that, and it is still hard to get a shape you want, because the protein is in space and has a kind of weight to it, as well as just not being able to make a shape easily by pulling. Now that I have some more experience, I think this is still a good idea that should be somehow be kept in mind. If anyone could add their oppinions, that would be great!

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I agree. It would be nice to have a feature in Foldit where you can specify a series of points in 3D space that you want your protein to pass through, like a route for the protein, and then have the protein thread itself through them. The amino acids of the protein are still free to move, they are just confined to move along line segments that connect the different points of the route in 3D space. discusses something like this where the points on the route are called hoops. Each hoop is like a pulley, and the protein is like a rope going over that pulley. Each hoop is also like the eye of a needle, and the protein is like a thread going through the eye of that needle.

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Yes, that is a good point. I was actually more along the lines of making the protein the shape you want, not where you want it to go (if I under stand you correctly). At the moment it is very hard to shape the protein in the way you want.

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Changing topic. I believe tis should be correct.

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I totally agree with BootsMcGraw's comment on the New 3D manipulation device feedback:

What we really need for this game is the ability to "grasp" the protein with two virtual hands and push, pull, and shape the protein the way we want... not to freeze some segments, hit the (truly random) rebuild button, and HOPE it kicks out something useful.

I can see exactly what I need to do to fold a protein how I want it. But with the tools currently available, I can only approximate what I want to achieve. It is sort of like trying to un-knot a long rope that is buried inside a bag... while wearing boxing gloves. Awkward at best, impossible at worst.


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