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542: Advanced Alignment Cutpoint Puzzle
Status: Closed


176NR22 45 1456  9,2772
177lb494 45 1456  9,2641
178Lollie 45 1456 Richard Dawkins Foundation9,2561
179Tlaloc 45 1456 Mojo Risin'9,2431
180DrMistry 45 1456  9,2271
181Merf 45 73  9,2001
182zuudoo 45 1456  9,1741
183Squirrely 45 1456  9,1601
184biomisha 45 1456  9,1241
185phi16 9 28 Anthropic Dreams9,1141
186blaydelk 45 1456  9,1081
187krulon 45 1456 foldeRNA9,1081
188Petrifolder 45 1456  9,1051
189aSuAhSaD 45 1456  9,1041
190c1261015 45 1456  9,1021
191foldzapr 45 1456  9,0851
192JCoviedo 45 1456  9,0671
193d_lindenberger 45 1456  9,0471
194momadoc 45 1456  9,0291
195Lindata 45 1456  9,0191
196cherry39 45 299  9,0091
197scrambledegg 45 1456  8,9991
198redguy 45 1456  8,9981
199Alden_Adkins 45 1456  8,9961
200Susanne 45 1456 SETI.Germany8,9931

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Good practice for CASP 10

This puzzle is actually a CASP 9 target (T0552), which some of you might recognize from previous Foldit puzzles. (The results from previous puzzles finally led us to implementing the new cutpoints).

The native has been released, but it was solved using NMR and the ensemble of models has a lot of variation (as you can see below, this is WITH the termini trimmed):

NMR ensemble of 2L3B: First 10 models in NMR ensemble for 2L3BNMR ensemble of 2L3B: First 10 models in NMR ensemble for 2L3B

You can obviously examine the native all you want (and for fairness we are posting it here in the puzzle comments: http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/explore/explore.do?structureId=2l3b) but the goal of this puzzle is to help us all prepare for CASP 10, which starts in early May!

Clearly for CASP, there will be no natives, so we want to find out now if the current Alignment Tool is sufficient to perform well on the Template-Based targets.

WE KNOW THAT YOU WANT A SCISSOR TOOL TO PUT IN YOUR OWN CUTPOINTS :-) That will be added soon, but we want to make sure that the current cutpoint system does not have any major bugs.

Although you can just thread the starting alignment and massage/fold the protein to a decent conformation, we believe that initially moving the alignment around can result in a better starting model (making it easier to get close to the native). Obviously, this is what we want to find out... so please let us know!

Thank you and happy threading!

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puzzle 369

would seem to be the earlier puzzle referred to in the text above. High scores there were 11062.xxx

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