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I'm on a Mac (OS 10.6) and switching back to Main from DevPrev for three reasons:

First - Main loads 3-4 times faster at every step - from opening the program to loading puzzle.

Second - in the current DevPrev the program loads with a huge square instead of the normal rectangular window (previously reported).

Third (and the deal breaker) - the DevPrev is causing my computer (2.8 GHz Intel Core i7) to hang frequently, necessitating a button shutdown because the system will not shut down the normal way (can't even access the force quit). This happened twice yesterday - when multiple clients are open (especially a flu type puzzle) just doing a SAVE causes the hang.


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I cant attest to any speed or stability issues, as I do not use the mac client enough to have a general sense of how things were/are.

However, I can tell you that on all of our mac machines, the window is a rectangle.

Is anyone else on the mac client having any of these issues?

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The speed issue is just annoying, but the computer hang that requires a hard restart is unacceptable.

Here is the difference in screens... the front window is the normal (has been for 3 years) size of the foldit default window - the screen behind it is what is default in devprev (I did not download today's update yet). It looks to me as if your screenshot also reflects the square rather than the standard rectangle?

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phi16 is using Lion (OS 10.7) - I am using Snow Leopard (OS 10.6)

He mentioned that in the devprev client the drop down menu on the Mac's main menu bar would highlight but not drop down (so that you can't quit that way). He and I tested it in both updated and yesterday's devprev - same in both, same in both OS.

The oversized square window he has is identical to the one I have - and that you have from your screenshot above.

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Sorry, I had assumed you meant an actual square. The window that I posted the screenshot is still a rectangle, though more square-like than the pic you've posted. This is the default window size on all platforms (there must have been a special case for mac before). I'd rather keep things consistent across platforms as much as possible than attempt to preserve legacy settings, since those tend to stack up over time.

We've recently switched to using mac's newer windowing system, since the old one had a lack of documentation that was preventing us from implementing things. This change *could* result in some sort of instability with the operating system, though that's probably unlikely. Do you have any steps to reproduce the problems that you and phi16 have had?

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You are right - the "square" is still a rectangle. I did some pixel measurements from the screenshots here on the website, and my "square" above is 630px wide x 504px high, so it's short 127px to be an actual square. The ratio is, however, approx 6:5, which is much different from what I have always seen (approx 3:2 - 595px x 392px in the screenshot above).

I took a look through the feedbacks for screenshots that were not obviously full widescreen shots, and realized that you have many proportions to your windows based on different OS. I found, though, that many fall into the 10:7 category, and at least one other OS also has a 3:2 ratio. Much more rectangular than the almost square in current mac devprev.

To duplicate what phi & I found, just open a client, then try to shut it down from the "Foldit" that appears on your top computer menu bar next to the apple. It will highlight but not drop down, so you can't shut the program down that way. I rarely quit the program that way - but it's phi's preference and his habit.

The hard hang happens if I have 3 clients open and run scripts (if any of the clients, primary or not, is running a mutate script, especially) - stop script, try to do a save... the wheel starts spinning and never resolves. This hang makes it unable to do a force quit, which is a very rare situation. The only option is a hard shut down with the button. This has happened more than a half dozen times. There is no other commonality in any other programs I have running, and it is the save that hangs the machine.

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I'm new to foldit, so apologies if this is the wrong place to post, or I'm doing something altogether wrong.

I'm (apparently) using the new client on MacOS 10.6. I see the first 2 issues mentioned above, but haven't had any crashes. However, the Move tool now seems to only do rotates about the selected segment - I can't actually move anything. It's easily seen in intro puzzle 6-2, which I've done easily before, but can't do it at all now.

I've used Move before, it was fine, but now - not.

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Try right clicking and dragging on the main arrows

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My bad. I could've sworn I tried that, but I guess not. Thanks for your help and patience.


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