exiting set band strength is impossible in some conditions.

Case number:845829-992313
Opened by:fabiobean
Opened on:Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 23:44
Last modified:Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 23:44

when setting band strength it is impossible to exit the set band strength window if the selected band is too close the the bottom of the foldit window forcing the user to quit foldit if she or he wants to continue.

steps for replication:
1: have the foldit client running.
2. start any puzzle i which bands can be used
3. use a band anywhere on the puzzle
4. move the view so the band is near the bottom of the screen. (within a quarter of an inch or so. I didn't measure.)
5. right click on the band to bring up the band settings menu.
6. select the set band strength option
7. the set band strength slider window should appear with the options to reset default and ok are below the bottom edge of the foldit client window

notes: this is a problem because there is no way to quit the window other than the options at the bottom and because they are cut off from access the user is prevented from interacting with anything onscreen other than the set strength slider. the only way to get back to the puzzle is to quit the client completely. that is why this is listed under crash hang.

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