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When the puzzles are scored after closing, I think another thing that should be taken into account is how long a player worked on a puzzle. Players with very high final ranks who began the puzzle much later than others folders deserve some sort of bonus. I've seen (and had) multiple top-30 finishes on puzzles that were started 3 or 4 days after they opened.

Of course, this would not work with evolver puzzles, just solo.

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There is no standard against which to measure the work done on a puzzle that would fair across all users and PCs.

Measuring solely on start time wouldn't work - A player with a slow PC barely running one client without crashing could start a puzzle as soon as it is released and not come close to applying the same amount of "work" done on a puzzle by someone with a super-dooper turbo-charged PC running 4 or 8 clients against the same puzzle by burning though a pile of scripts.

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Not saying that this is the only thing that should be taken into account, just that it is one. I agree that there is not one single standard that would effectively measure the work done on a puzzle that would be completely fair.

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If someone is making same useless thing over and over entire week why he should be scored higher that s1 who "break the puzzle" in less than a day?
Look back to HIV related puzzle, we do it in 2 weeks where "real scientist" tried do that for years.
Only final result count, not the effort.

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Rav, I don't think a bonus for the same useless thing all week is what is being suggested:
"Players with very high final ranks who began the puzzle much later than others folders deserve some sort of bonus."

The suggestion seems to be that if you were able to get into the top10 and you started the puzzle on the last day, you should get a bonus.

While that is an interesting idea, the reason we post puzzles for 1 week is not that we expect you to spend 7 days on each puzzle (which is impossible with 1 client since we have ~4 puzzles up at one given time) but rather we hope that a 1 week window will allow everyone enough time to work on any given puzzle during that time.

I hope that makes sense: basically we want you to be able to reach your best on a given puzzle, but we don't check if you did all the work on the first day, or it takes you 3 days (if you have a slower computer or can only fold 30 minutes at a time during your lunch breaks or something), or if you can fly to the top 10 by evolving a solution in the final hour.

If any "only played the last day" bonus was added, it would just incentivise players to only play the last day (and we really don't want that!).


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