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My Norton 360 automatically removes fold it as it says its a security risk and attempted breach. I am wondering if it is right. Any answers will be helpful..

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You can update your Norton

You can update your Norton 360 and report this issue to Norton 360. You may contact Norton 360 support team to get suggestions from them on how to avoid this if updating Norton 360 does not help.

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re Norton 360

We have N360 on our systems and all of them run foldit without any problems.
So it must be possible

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Consider providing "exclusions"

Most anti-viral programs allow you to specify what is commonly known as "trusted sources". I don't use Norton any more, but they used to have an exclusions area for the purpose. In fact, you may have both web and program exclusionary entries. If you trust Fold.it's administration to provide a secure "working" environment, then suggest adding fold.it's exectuable to the programs area and the web/ftp to the web exclusions.

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Unblock Foldit.exe in your Firewall

When I started playing Foldit, I kept getting the message "couldn't connect to server: Error contacting server" because my Firewall was blocking Foldit.exe. Once I unblocked Foldit.exe in my Firewall, the message went away.


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