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I've just gotten started with FoldIt and, for starters, let me say that it is an impressive bit of work. Nice job!

At this point, I've worked my way up to #1 on the current beginner puzzle. WooHoo!! Good stuff there. So, I ventured over to the intermediate puzzle consisting of 5 structures from CASP ROLL R0011. As I see it, my goal here should be to make these structures better, or improve the base score, correct? And this is just using my own intuition about protein structure, also correct? I guess this would involve potentially refolding the protein, moving helices/sheets, etc.

Please let me know that I'm perceiving this correctly.


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You got it!

Unlike the Beginner Puzzle, there is no native guide to show you where to fold.

This is because the correct solution (native structure) has not yet been solved (or if it has it has not yet been publicly released).
These CASP ROLL puzzles are part of the CASP experiment: http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/CASP
and Foldit is one of the groups participating in this experiment.

Puzzle 533 is a good one to start out with, because the protein is not too big (unlike Puzzle 531 which is a much larger CASP ROLL target).

Basically you should try to refold the protein into novel topologies that score well, and don't be afraid to ask for advice or help in the Global Chat!

...and make sure to keep checking that you are still #1 in that beginner puzzle, because the rank only matters at 04/09/2012 - 23:00 GMT once the puzzle closes!


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