move tool should be semi transparent

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Opened on:Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 20:42
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The move tool moves nicely, but, covers what you are working on. Please make it semi-transparent.

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I honestly never considered this. I'll try it out and see how it works.

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given that in most puzzles the move tool is only used for patial threading would it be possible to just turn it off and on? It is very hard to see what is happening in the centre of the protein which is very busy anyway.

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In the developer preview, the move tool should be showing up on whichever residue you click on, not the center of the protein.

I took a look at making the move tool transparent, but unfortunately due to the way the geometry is constructed (cylinders, spheres, cones), it looks rather... odd when you make it transparent. There might be some techniques we can use to make it look how you would expect it to, though.

At the very least, I think shrinking the tool would be good, as right now it's a bit large. I'm not sure on disabling it completely, but I agree there might be better ways of triggering it in the interface.

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My most recent usage of the tool was with the last flu puzzle. Opening in the middle of the protein wasn't an issue.

When zooming in to see the piece I was working on the tool became large enough to block out the view of what I was working on. Making the tool smaller will create the issue of it being too small when you aren't zoomed in.

Looking odd shouldn't be an issue provided you can make it a colour that would make it easily stand out. A shade of pink would work. Being transparent doesn't mean lacking in colour. Did you make it a shade of gray or a shade of pink when making it semi transparent?

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The placement of the move tool ON the segment is not handy in the selection interface. When you want to doubleclick to select a structure the move tool is blocking the second click often.
Please move it to another segment (2 away) or just put it in a spot next to the puzzle name block.


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