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I set the priority to 4/5 as there are more important things than this (like getting out of beta since this project is several years old). But this really should be a high priority though. You'll need to work around the interface issues with going to a smaller resolution and a touch screen, but just THINK about the amount of wasted time spent playing mobile games. Seriously, if we could get everyone to play a tutorial stage every time they're sitting on the toilet instead of playing bejeweled you could have a HUGE army of people who know how to use fold it.

How to handle:
- left-click+drag to push object (press and drag)
- right-clicking on object (press and hold)
- shift+clicking to freeze object (double tap)
- shift+click+drag to create a band (place both fingers at starting location, leave one finger there while the second drags across to where the band should end)
- rotating view (drag across background)
- zooming in/out of view (pinch/zoom background)
- panning view (2 finger drag background)

You'll need to spend a lot of time designing the interface to make it make the buttons big enough to click with a finger, while still being hidden until you needed them. Rather than the right-click menu being a circle, it should be 2 columns, 3 rows (6 boxes that show up above everything else). The main options should be at the bottom so you can click on it and have it slide up. Chat should be a button there that would take you to another screen, if you even want to include chat.

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