Allow edit of 1st post in feedback

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... like it is possible in own thread on forum.
Sometimes it is ugly typo or something and it can not be changed.
Ability to delete posted feedback/forum by submitter would be nice too (ie accidentally double post).

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kxu started looking into this before...

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Um. This issue still hasn't been resolved after 8 years! If kxu was looking into this, I don't think it would take 8 years for someone to solve this issue! This issue has already been resolved in starting a thread in forums! I want to edit my first post in feedback too, and Foldit's not letting me do it either.

We need this to be implemented because some feedbacks might reference other feedbacks that were resolved now, but weren't then, making them not up-to-date. To make open feedbacks more helpful and more true to itself and up-to-date, we need this to be implemented. So, implementing this feature is a necessary thing.

Plus, the people who created the feedback would feel much happier and more convenient that they could maintain their feedbacks so that they are up-to-date.

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This was an issue with Drupal, which is one of the reasons we are moving to a new website soon.


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