Sorting/Filtering of recipes by script language version (GUI, ScriptV1, ScriptV2)

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It would be really useful for a recipe writer looking for examples to be able to see which recipes are in the language they are writing their own script in. If it were a property in the recipe list and one could then filter or sort the list by that property, it would be perfect.

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For what reason? I not see point there... Just open script and you see it is v1 or v2.
If you want to change v1 to v2 try my converter:

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My experience: I started writing recipes in ScriptV2 and the first thing I wanted was examples. I went to the list, and looked at the first one: V1, useless. I open the second one: GUI - very useless. I open the third one, V1, useless. The fourth one V1. By this time, I have wasted 5 minutes (the website was slow) and have no examples at all. Now imagine that I want to look for a particular type of example, and I will need to search through several recipes anyway - this compounds the problem.

In my particular case, I was looking for a particular type of dialog example, so a V1 to V2 converter would have been useless.

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I would be willing to help with any programming questions that you may have. We were putting V2 in the beginning of our Group Recipes since it was not too long ago that V2 was only available in the devprev download of Foldit. We haven't been doing that on our very newest recipes though but all my recipes for the last year have been V2.


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