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Opened by:RedVenom
Opened on:Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 20:50
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I would find it helpful, if I could use my account offline.
So I could solve puzzles without internet connection.
Offline mode is ok, but it dosn't count or with save and load it's an evolver solution.

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If you start the puzzle while online then it will stay as a solo if you disconnect from the servers. Make sure to save the solution. You will get credit as a soloist when you open a new connected client and load the solution as long as the puzzle hasn't closed. If you start a client in offline mode and load that solution, it will then become an evolver.

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Offline play is always as evo for security reasons.
If you cant (or not want) connect to server it is impossible to check identity.
This way game is safe and it is impossible to "steal" solo solution.

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You CAN do this :D
You just need start puzzle when ur online, then you can break connection.
B4 you close client save best position, go online, start foldit and load best save :) It will be automagically sent to server and your score will be confirmed on scoreboard.

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I don't transport my computer from places where I can get online to places I can get offline and vice versa while keeping it on.

When I said from start up to shutdown while offline, I meant it. I'll spell it out.

If I can't:

1. Start up my computer in a place I cannot get online.
2. Open Foldit.
3. Open a puzzle.
4. Work out a solution to the puzzle.
5. Close Foldit.
6. Shut down my computer.
7. Start up my computer in a place I can get online.
8. Open Foldit.
9. Open the puzzle.
10. Upload my solution.

...Then this game is simply not worth it for me to play.

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I guess we'll have to get along without you, then.

Have a wonderful life.

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I don't see why this has to be an all-or-nothing issue. After all, those that don't have access to broadband connections with unlimited usage may actually have a legitimate reason to play offline (especially if an extra cost is applied every time the user connects to the Internet). Here's what I see as a possible compromise:

1. Tweak the client in such a way to allow a user to provisionally "log in" offline (say, by entering a username and password).

2. The solution would be tagged with both the user ID and a machine ID. That way, uploaded solutions can qualify for soloist mode if and only if both the user ID and the machine ID match. In other words, the solution must be uploaded from the same computer used to produce the offline solution.

(Granted, this is still open to abuse if multiple players use the same computer-- for example, Player B could play for Player A using Player A's log in information. But the fact is that the current system can't prevent that either.)

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To clarify, Step 2 would also check for the password associated with the username. So, the password has to be attached to the solution file in an encrypted format as well.

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Of course we can look into this, but as RedVenom who posted this feedback pointed out: this is the lowest priority... as you all know how long it takes us to implement low priority feedbacks!

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Hello, RedVenon is not the only one in this situation (me too).

It's not a problem if I take an evo off line
But it is a problem if I take my soloist off line for a day outside => it becomes an evo (there I just have to gain 2 points to be credited).

I personally concluded abandoning any soloist competition and concentrating on evolvers (and team) competition. It's a pity but I will not die for it.

Now speaking of security: I cannot stole the solution of another player and the soloists scores are safe. OK.

But one can stole the evo or soloist of another player and get easilly ranked in evolvers ranking.
One can also stole own soloist solution and use it to get ranked in evolvers ranking. The cost for a soloist to evo its own solution is indeed great: share, find a team member to evo, then evo his evo= 4 points, a friend and enough time are needed. The latest day, a good ranked soloist might be tempted to cheat like this in order to gain or maintain ranks in evolvers competition.

Like in cyclism and in athletism, it would be very detrimental for the all game if beginners could suspect that to be on top, you have to cheat. Normal players would like to be sure that our top players (soloists or evolvers) are at least clean.

With the present system, I could suspect this happened in one of the very latest puzzles (very simple for me to notice: I was rank 1 evo and I was waiting for the latest hours to gain with my team): during the latest hours, a player found a good soloist solution and got rank 1 in soloists and game. A few hours after, he/she was also the first and only one of his/her team to jump rank 1 in evolvers for this puzzle.

Conclusion: I hope that top players or teams do not cheat, but I would like to be sure the system does not allow it. Like in cyclism, Foldit team could random control if there is no cheat on the top.
-Do you compare results from top soloists and top evos for same puzzle? (in principle, a top evo has many chance to be another player than the top evo, or at least, the solutions should differ with more than 4 points and there should be some other player in the middle)?

-Off line from an evo: evo (after sharing)+ 2 additional points needed to be credited
-Off line from a soloïst: soloïst (after "sharing with myself" only)+ 2 additional points needed.
-No possibility to jump from soloïst to evo without sharing to group

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, bruno. I'll make sure to run through your suggestions with the team.

I should hope that players or teams don't cheat as the policy on that is quite clearly detailed in the community rules.


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