Recent omission of Zhang 1 on 527

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I fully appreciate the omission of the structures that are to close together, what I don't understand is the need to change Structure 6 into Zhang 2, which would normally be structure 7.
As a result, I have to ask what is the purpose of the ' model ', ' zhang ', and ' quark ' nomenclatures if they can be arbitrarily removed and substituted on structures they normally would not be associated with.
What I'm really getting down to is why all the added nomenclature to begin when all we need is simply a structure # to use as a reference to which particular RESET of the puzzle we are working on.
The above in my opinion is extremely confusing, one being to much nomenclature, the other being nomenclature that is substituted when occasion affords itself.
I am now under the impression that quarks, models, and zhangs are arbitrary constructs used by the foldit admin staff in some fashion I can only guess at and I personally will not be wasting my time guessing, but I sure would like a lot less confusion, if that could be accomplished.

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It used to be that way: we would give you the name of the template ONLY in the alignment tool and when you reset a multi-start it would tell you "structure #3" but no additional information.

Then we answered this feedback:

The fact that structures 1-10 have recently been quark1-5 and zhang1-5 shouldn't matter; since they have also recently been baker1-5 (and models1-5 for the Bonus Symmetry Puzzle).

It would be best not to think of there being a correspondence between Structure # and Server # (such as Structure 1 = Quark 1) from one puzzle to another, but rather to think about it on a per-puzzle basis.

You probably wouldn't have brought this up if I had posted previous templates in a random order for all CASP ROLL puzzles, right?

One of the reasons you randomly start with model (instead of everyone starting with structure #1) is that we wanted to make sure that everyone didn't just work on model1. That was the motivation for not even telling you which model you were presented with at the start, but clearly that no longer made sense once the Alignment Tool gave the template names away.

So I am sorry that you have become accustomed to a mapping of structure->server name, but that is really an artifact. If you want to distinguish between them, you should really use their Server names.

We could just remove the "Structure #" message entirely when you reset a puzzle, but then it might lead to complaints for puzzles where we give you 5 unnamed starting models since you won't be able to distinguish between them!

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Yes I really need a consistent correct name for each model within a puzzle which I can access outside of the alignment puzzle, ie via the tab key.

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Exactly what you're asking has already been implemented:


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