Improve dimmer puzzles for scripting

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Opened on:Saturday, March 3, 2012 - 20:04
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In first dimer/trimer puzzles we were able to band to mirrored parts and to "mirror point".
That was useful for some banding scripts and it would be nice to get that ability back.
Easiest way would be number mirrored parts after normal part and last segment as hook point - like it was at start.
Another (better imo) way is add new lua function that will unlock this ability (structure.enableDimmer or something). If we need it we can enable it, normal state is like it is now. It should be disabled by default and should automagically be disabled after every script ends to avoid troubles when we run "new" script then "old" one.

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All of the segments should be addressable for banding. But, scripts need to know the smaller number of segments for operations like rebuilding. A new function? Pass an argument to structure.GetCount()? See also

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how does it go with trimers? Just asking.

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This is a good point that the symmetric copies aren't accessible via scripts. We'll look into designing some interface for the symmetric copies.

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Bump this one. When I do some sort of distance dependend function (shake in a sphere for instance) I would really want to know which segments of the dimer/trimer are also close so they should be included in the sphere. Increased the priority.

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I would really like to see this implemented, at least the latter half of it. The ability to be able to band from the mirrored parts of the protein in lua would allow for a lot of new ways to fold dimers trimer and tetramers.

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Shameless bump. Requested again in

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Another shameless bump. This is needed.


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