Restoring bestscore protein should not include bands

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Opened on:Friday, March 2, 2012 - 14:45
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When you restore the pose with the best score it will also include the bands
that were on it at the time. This also applies to scripts using this.
It can lead to unexpected behavior and I like many have to undo the bands manually and wiggle it slightly
higher to get a higher best score.

When you restore the highest scoring pose it should not add bands.

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It is OK, no need to implement that.
Just check in script for bands after calling restore very/recent/credit best and delete them if need.
In my scripts I delte bands b4 I save best score (if needed, not all scripts :)

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I also think this should be handled by the scripts, not the software. Often a high score will be reached in the middle of a wiggle, and the only way to recall it is restore best. I may be trying different combinations of moves on a given set of bands and want to return to best for each try. I certainly don't want to lose all the bands I'm in the middle of using every time I return to the best score. Bands should only come off when the user specifically removes them. I know it's a pain when you (or scripts) forget to check for them, but bands would become much less useful in hand folding if they kept disappearing without asking.

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Please imagine spending 2 hours carefully placing a band on each segment in the Quest to the Native puzzle, and then losing them when you restore best. So, you can't restore best.

I understand your request, I've forgotten to remove bands almost as many times as I've forgotten to restore Clash Importance after killing a script and restoring best. But the R key is not hard to hit, and if you forget, it's Z R.

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I didn't say it should remove bands, I said it should not add bands.
Concern about losing all your bands just requires you to backtrack in undo, they're still there.
It is not much of an issue for me, so if most people don't want this I'll be happy to turf this.


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