Recipes not loading - chat blocked

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Opened on:Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 09:06
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This is a suggestion to implement a second possibility to load cookbook recipes.
At the moment, the IRC chat must be working.
Some PCs are behind inflexible firewalls that block all chat, with no user option to change that. In those cases, the website cannot "see" the otherwise well running foldit client.
If a second option to load them (for example, directly to all.macros, as a txt file) would exist, this would open the possibility for blocked users to use this feature.

See for a lengthy discussion of several problems with unloadable recipes.
Rav3n_pl's solution to the particular problem described above works.
Use a second PC somewhere were the chat is open, download recipes, restart the client, then email the all.macros around.

A direct feed into the all.macros even without the client running would negate this "bug".

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It isnt a Foldit bug.
its an external firewall issue


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