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Maybe this is redundant and I'm preaching to the choire, but the application deadlin for the CASP 0010 is end of March - will we (you?) be participating in solving those molecules? If so, add the molecules here after the dry run has been successful.

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Of course we will be participating in CASP10.
This was discussed in the Developer Chat:

Luckily the first prediction targets for CASP10 will be released not earlier than May 1 so we have some time.
But think of CASP ROLL as your preparation for CASP10, which will be a lot more intense!

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Perhaps for those of us who were not here for the last CASP you would flesh out 'intense'.
Just a rough idea of how long it will last, how many puzzles how often, how long for each, degree of difficulty, will they all have ten templates etc. Just so that people can understand what is involved. I assume that it will not be exactly the same as last time of course.

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This is definitely something that we should discuss in a pre-CASP10 chat.
I think we'll be able to know more once we start getting CASP ROLL results back (once they release the native solved structures for the targets that have ended already), then we will be able to see what has worked (and maybe what didn't work)... at least for the Template Free Targets.

To give you an idea, you can see the Human Target List from CASP9:

Foldit participated in all those targets with less than 160 residues that were not designated as oligomeric (dimer/trimer/etc.)

In terms of the timetable, this is what is on the CASP10 website:

"The first prediction targets will be released not earlier than May 1; the last prediction targets will be released not later than July 17; prediction season will end not later than July 31. Refinement experiment will end not later than August 17."

Foldit will definitely participate in ALL the Refinement targets this time around (now that we have symmetry).

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Uhm, beta_helix, could you define your meaning of "now we have symmetry?


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Symmetry is pretty new feature in foldit, we not hat that on CASP9.


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