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Bonus Symmetry CASP ROLL R0007 Puzzle
Status: Closed


Name: Bonus Symmetry CASP ROLL R0007 Puzzle
Status: Closed
Created: 02/28/2012
Points: 20
Expired: 03/05/2012 - 23:59
Difficulty: Advanced
Description: The CASP ROLL organizers have told us that the native solved structure for R0007 forms "a noncovalent dimer". We are giving you the top 5 Foldit predictions from Puzzle 515, but you will be able to manipulate them as dimers using symmetry. You'll want to turn off all sidechains and visualizations, as this puzzle will likely crash many computers since this was already a large target. You should not spend too much time on this puzzle, it should really just be for fun. Therefore it will only be worth 20 global points.

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More info about this puzzle:

This is the information given by the CASP organizers:

In CASP9 we had to skip these types of targets, because symmetry was not possible with Foldit... but that is no longer the case!

We wanted to give you the opportunity to fold R0007 in the context of a dimer, but we realize that this was already a big protein, and symmetry makes it even bigger.

This is why it is only worth 20 global points, think of it as an "extra credit" puzzle... it's just for fun so don't be too frustrated if it barely runs on your computer.

___Some possible hints___

I recommend turning off all sidechains, using Cartoon Thin, with Hydro Color and only showing Clashes. (If this is still too slow, you can try using "Line")

Since it forms a dimer, you probably want to look for a hydrophobic patch where the two sections come together. Coloring by Hydro can help you try to get as much orange at the interface.

If you have trouble loading this puzzle, try checking the box "disable network timeouts" when you login.

Unfortunately this CASP ROLL target is due on March 6th, so it needs to close late on the 5th.

Please have fun with this one!

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