Dependencies for linux 64 bit?

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Will the 64 bit version for linux run for those of us who have hacked our systems for the 32 bit version? It's too bad you can't make a ".deb" file for installations that would check on dependencies and install the needed.

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Isn't all of those install issues part of the attraction of using a *nix system?

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Yeah, it's part of the fun. It is nice to have a heads up on the impending headaches though.

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Looks like GCC 2.14 is not avail for all linux distros.

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I've posted a build here that may work with glibc-2.13, although I'm not able to test it on a machine that only has that version:

Please let me know if this one works.

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Installed fresh VM Suse64 and it not crying about glibc now, but:

OpenGL Warning: XGetVisualInfo returned 0 visuals for 0x987d60
OpenGL Warning: Retry with 0x8002 returned 0 visuals

In log.txt is only line:
Can't open options file options.txt. (/scratch/scooper/foldit/mini-interactive-main/rosetta_source/src/interactive/application/

Tried run as root, no change.

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That last version works! Until I let it update and it stopped working, haha. Nothing a fresh copy paste from the archive didn't fix. Thanks a lot man. :)

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Thanks, Seth. That second one worked for me, too. The first didn't work at all. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04.

Like DerkKooi, it immediately went to update and then wanted glibc-2.14 again.

So, would you please make this version (using glibc-2.13) be the supported Linux version?

Many thanks!

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Okay, I'm working on getting everything built with this version.

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The new version is posted. It was built on Fedora 13, which it looks like is using glibc-2.12.


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