Alignment dialog not refreshing

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Opened on:Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 20:52
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I'm seeing several issues with the alignment palette ( Mac OS X: Dev version ).

Using Puzzle 520 as an example

1) Initial puzzle is baker4.
2) Go into alignment and thread to baker5.
3) Reopen the align dialog.

The first issue is that only one puzzle is visible, even if you previously moved other alignments from the reserve.

The second is that the puzzle that is selected is baker4 (the original) not baker5.

The third is that if you now attempt to load templates from the reserve the name on the right and checkbox on the left are no longer visible. See attached screenshot. You have to close and reopen the alignment palette to make them visible.

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Right. I should have checked for previous feedback

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I'd previously done some related diagnosis on this a few weeks ago. I found that the initial model of a start is stored in the quicksave. If you have Start N, Quicksave, Reset to Start N+1, and Quickload, internally the start is N, but the align tool will show N+1. If you Reset again, you will get Start N+1 again. So, the align tool did not update, which is deceptive if you expected it to update. Not really a bug so I didn't report it.


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