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I just did a small comparison with the current dev and the current main.

Used my startup script for quark3 in 517.
dev: after first fuzes: 9980.501
after non banded fuze: 10041.96
Settle after one pass (1 segment at a time local wiggle, revisit only if gain >0.1): gained 3.5 points
main: after first fuzes: 10019.042
after non banded fuze: 10125.611
Settle after one pass: gained about 2 points

time for main: a lot longer than dev. I estamate it about 50% longer

Conclusion: main finds more points at the expence of flexibilety later and uses a lot more time

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I haven't had a chance to do comparisons yet - but one thing is noted by all I've spoken to who is using the new dev client - it is much, much faster...

It also, at first glance, at least on my mac, seems to be using less memory & cpu.

My computer thanks you :-)

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main is gone now


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