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I am fed up to note down manually a number of informations output on the stdout window.
ideally i would like to be able to enhance my favorite recipes so each of them
1/ open a text file at the beginning named after the puzzle number
2/duplicate some print outputs and append them to the file

I could then print on paper the puzzle log.

I realize that my manual actions would not be recorded
and that there may be a problem to close these file.
I try to absorb lua programming but have no idea how to interface with recipes.

Can someone help ?

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The foldit client already includes this feature.

Each run recipe always writes a file called "scriptlog.[insert name of track here].xml". Those files are located in the foldit folder where foldit.exe is. These file are overwritten and always reflect the current output of the running recipe in that track. You can copy this file at any time.

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Correct, this feature already exists.


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