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Would it be too much work to allow player to manage recipes online as a part of their account? Foldit application would update its cookbook based on account that player used to log in. This could help player sync recipes between multiple machines. I guess this could also be used to automatically retrieve updates for recipes when posted

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1) Ok with idea except...
2) Against automatic update of recipes. Old recipes sometimes work better than updated ones.

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Agreed, it can be an option that player can turn on or off. As I keep thinking about this, foldit app should "concentrate" on folding and recipes issues (organization, updates, even recipe editing) can be done through the web browser outside of app and foldit app will just pull it from the server.

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Do you mean that each time I open an instance of foldit that it will also have to go to another webservice to check for changes to all of the recipes in that player's cookbook and download them?

It would seem to introduce another fail point and use even more bandwidth, how often will the check happen whilst playing, or will it need another button somewhere on the client/GUI to trigger it?
Are there really that many people using multiple machines who are not able to copy the all macro file to a USB stick, which I understand is the preferred method for copying scripts between machines?
Also agree with bertro about not automatically updating recipes.

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Yes, each time instance foldit starts, as a part of login process, it will check what changed (new script added, obsolete script deleted, new directory created, etc) and syncs the changes. Most of the time nothing will change because this is not something that changes all the time.

Not sure of the fail point, it already exists, if you want to add script and cannot get to the foldit website, you are out of luck. Same will apply here.

Bandwidth issue, we are talking few kb of data transferred from time to time, I'm not sure if this is really something to worry about.

I did not plan to write full specification how this will work, yes, perhaps where will be a button to request sync. I would not check over and over.

I'm not sure how many people use multiple machines, I just noticed that issue in chat. I was not aware that you can do this by copying some file.

Maybe more important that synchronizing multiple clients would be capability to organize scripts based on personal preference (another issue mentioned), I think it is easier to create that capability on the website and foldit application would only copy structure created.

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I would like the syncing for multiple clients but not the update bit.

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I would totally oppose the automatic updating of scripts.

There is already a fairly simple way of ensuring your scripts are available to every machine one uses, spmm has already highlighted how it is generally done.

Bandwidth is already an issue for some people, hence the option in client to reduce bandwidth.
Increasing it will be detrimental to those people.

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This is issue needs to be addressed. I run multiple clients. I agree with Bareego in this regard. I would like cookbook syncing within multiple clients.


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