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Opened on:Saturday, February 18, 2012 - 17:58
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I suggest to add a button to toggle on/off the graphic updates of the protein while client is not minimized.

This would allow for a faster processing (like when client is minimized) while still seeing score changes, chat and other stuff that can be done while an action is performing (w, E, T, ... or script).

That way you could have faster processing and feedback to user (thru score) at the same time.

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Bumping topic since it actually goes with a suggestion I had.

When running long scripts especially rebuild ones, it would be ideal to have the possibility to remove the graphic update of the modifications increasing the speed of the scripts and also give better protein folding in the long run.

Some users also have a limited computer powers and with a reduction in graphics then these players would be able to actually compete on big proteins (< 100 aa).

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a temporary solution for others reading this that might not know; you can toss the protein off the screen and then hit q to bring it back on. this will help speed things up when the client is open.

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Sorry to contradict you karstenw but if you do not minimized the client, you gain nothing in CPU usage when you toss the protein off screen. In other words, there is no difference in CPU usage with OR without the protein on screen. ONLY minimizing the client ( on PC, under win7pro here) will reduce CPU usage for a given View Options configuration.

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This combined with the suggestion of being able to open menu and "open/share solutions" in read mode:
(and even opening the main menu option and current proteins status in read mode)

... would be great

I vote for both.


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