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Opened by:jonathon.mason
Opened on:Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 05:08
Last modified:Friday, February 17, 2012 - 12:42

Suggesting a new feature for displaying the guide protein.

The game window is split vertically in half, with the working protein in one, and the guide protein in the other. Or perhaps a mini-window is opened inside the main window; the mini window would contain the guide.

Within this new window, the guide protein can be rotated, translated and zoomed independantly of the working protein.
Hovering on any part of the guide protein will highlight the corresponding part on the working protein, in the other window.

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hi jonathon - you will see quite a few down votes on this suggestion - the reason is probably because the guide puzzles also called quest to the native (QTTN) are the next step out of the tutorial phase. I agree it is very difficult to see the shape of the protein and compare it to the guide, that is part of the puzzle.
If you go to the view menu and show outlines that may help.
What I used to do when I started was drag the protein away from the guide so that I could see the guide properly, then take a couple of screen shots of the guide and reset the puzzle, and refer to my screen shots, that is the hard way probably.

It really does get easier to match the guide, but matching a preset guide is not what the game is about, as you can see in most of the science puzzles there is no guide. In the CASP puzzles particularly.

Electron Density puzzles have a different sort of guide which can be very helpful but quite different to the QTTN beginner puzzles.
Hope that helps.


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