Please include time zone when posting date and time of expiration

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With all of the different timezones people are in it would be nice to have the time zone listed for puzzle expiration.

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times are GMT

I believe that all times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is also UK standard time. Indeed it would be good to have "Times are GMT" on the PUZZLES page and GMT after the expiration times on the individual puzzle home pages. +1, nice catch :-)

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we are meant to be able to set our time zone under "edit profile"
it then converts times on website and in game to your selected time zone rather than foldit's.

I notice that it isnt working...I have pacific auckland not getting 8.40am but19.40gmt

"Default time zone:

Select your current local time. If in doubt, choose the timezone that is closest to your location which has the same rules for daylight saving time. Dates and times throughout this site will be displayed using this time zone."

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slight correction:
am getting my correct time on some things and GMT on others.
any posts I make display my time zone but anything else is GMT

in game client is displaying my time zone

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My in game client shows 514 expiring at 2/14/2012 18:00 PST, and the puzzle page shows
Expires: 02/15/2012 - 02:00

It's just a bit confusing since the puzzle page doesn't state the time zone. I guess I'll find out when a puzzle really ends once I start it since I set my personal time zone in the profile on the day I signed up and in client time appears to be correct.

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It would also help if the GMT clock at the top of the foldit website header included the day and date. So instead of just 19:30:15 GMT it said - Wednesday 15 February 19:30 GMT, seconds are optional.

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In general, all times are GMT unless specified otherwise.

We'll try to see if we can make this more clear on the puzzle page.


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