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Name: Gargleblasters
Manager: actiasluna
Type: Moderated
Formed: 02/11/12
Description: Pan Galactic

We are a moderated group looking to increase our numbers with new members and to all who enjoy participating and competing in a group.

We are looking to "deepen our bench" with players who like both the solo game and evolution aspect of the group game; and we welcome established solo players and new players eager to learn. If you're competitive, bring it on... we like points on the group scoreboard and we have some great evolvers. We learn by helping others learn how to fold.

We are always looking for players who want to improve their game, participate on chat (or on our offsite forum, if they don't want or have chat capability).

If you have questions about the group, ask actiasluna, skippysk8s or Blipperman - we will answer your questions about the group: If you think you might like the group, we recommend you send us a PM and ask anything you'd like to know.

To join, click the button to request membership or send actiasluna or skippysk8s a PM for more information first.

We love learning better ways to fold.

"I’d take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day." Douglas Adams


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