new order to the list of scripts

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There seems to be a new ordar to the listing of scripts. the scripts are listed in alphibetical ordar now insted of being listed in groups. for example my scripts are now scattered throughout the listing of scripts instead of being grouped all together. This is probibly better but it means that now i need to relearn where all my favorit scripts are listed.

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Why not let the USER choose? Specifically, in addition to the old format and the current all-alphabetical format, people could also be given the option to choose how to sort the scripts as a third possibility. This would allow for the creation of their own sub-categories, each of which could be sorted alphabetically or otherwise. An example might look like the following:

* Refinements
>> Acid Tweaker
>> Blue Fuse

* Backbone walking
>> Local wiggle 1 seg
>> Local wiggle 2 segs
>> Local wiggle 3 segs

* Compression
>> Band every 2nd residue
>> Band every 3rd residue
>> Band every 4th residue

* Overnight scripts
>> Loop rebuild

* Band strengths
>> Set band strength to 0.2
>> Set band strength to 0.5
>> Set band strength to 1.0
>> Set band strength to 2.0
>> Set band strength to 10.0


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Actually, what they did was remove the Local / Shared / Read-Only groups. It was a quick fix to the never-ending complaints about the random positions of scripts (lots of Read-Only in the Local, and Shared not always Shared). They've stated that Folders or Custom cookbooks are in the works but lower priority.

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I'm just saying, let's not jump on them for doing what people were asking for. Yes, we have to relearn where the scripts live, but the groups weren't functioning anyways.

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Yes it is much better now that the Cookbook can be expanded; and I would just rename the scripts to put them in groups I would feel useful, but can't do that until the Selection interface Cookbook display is fixed.
Also perhaps scriptwriters may like to adopt a shorter naming convention when they publish their fabulous recipes.


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