Include using recipes in the tutorial

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Can we include using recipes in the tutorial? We are wasting too many applicants due to frustration. I know that doing it by hand is important, but they can learn that after using recipes, to gain more points, and get to the top. That will come in naturally. I just feel sad to lose so may new players due to frustration. We have more powerful computers available now, we should use the technology that is available. We have to get their interest first by using recipes, then manual by hand will follow if they want more to rank-up. Please.... So many applicants every time that we make a publication, but very few stays to continue....

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Read our wiki. There is few articles that are comparing and describing scripts.

There are few GUI recipes you have when you install foldit - there is alot of descriptions aka GUI scripting intro.
LUA scripting is too complicated to make some simple guide "how to use it". Lua scripting is also described on wiki.

There is only one way:
- enter recipe page
- read description
- download it
- use it
If it is not doing what you want: delete. If works - leave and use as many times you need/want.

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OK, obviously the tutorials are not going to teach Lua, or programming in general, and they can't explain which recipes are currently considered important by players. However, it might be worthwhile to have a tutorial puzzle that shows how to use one of the example recipes that come pre-loaded. I'd been folding for weeks before I realized the importance of recipes.

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The goal of Foldit is not to watch recipes running on powerful computers, your description fit Rosetta not Foldit.
The goal of Foldit is that people of different background imagine a new way to fold so that we find solutions that neither biologists neither Rosetta can find.

The importance taken by recipes is everyday a bigger problem :
- The success on running recipes is directly linked with the power of the computer (computers) the player have,
- The success on running recipes is mainly fun for people with background in computing field,
- The success on running recipes has no meaning, not a prove of personal competence, not a way to learn to fold. If a beginner goes to the top only by recipes : what he have learn? what did he give to the purpose of foldit? how he cannot be frustrated at a moment or another?

Manual folding
- is the only way to learn something on proteins different from the biologists,
- is the only way to have a great variety of players with different ideas, with non powerful computers,
- is the only way to have new ideas for new recipes.


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